Your digital ally to smash patriarchy

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Smashboard is an alternative social network. A digital platform (web and app) with a financially sustainable eco-system, it serves as a digital ally for people of all genders fighting patriarchy.
A hub for people, experts and service providers, Smashboard connects its users to a global community and keeps them informed and engaged everyday. Its special featuresare aimed at bringing relief to victims and survivors of sexist and sexual violence. Smashboard is a women-led non-profit.

A platform to connect people and experts:

Smashboard gives you a dynamic digital community of people brought together through the spirit of feminism. It is a space where we connect and engage with one another in our daily battles for self-assertion.

Daily feed of news and analysis:

It is a crucial moment for feminism with more and more stories, news reports, and op-eds being published about patriarchal oppression every day. At Smashboard, we bring you a daily feed of news and analysis.

Unique tools:

While we at Smashboard wish that you never have to encounter a painful and traumatic period of crisis, we work as your digital ally to ensure your safety, security, and well-being if you ever do.

Smashboard Explainer

People fighting patriarchal oppression will find digital solidarity and a safe space at Smashboard. Buying SMASH tokens allows you to become part of a global solidarity network aimed at making the world a healthier and fairer place for all human beings.


Our features are designed with the thought in mind, that fighting patriarchy is tough and messy but it’s also important. Our platform will make it easier for you than it was ever before!


Staying informed about what’s happening in the world through a feminist perspective is empowering and liberating. Smashboard will bring a feed of news and analysis to its users everyday.


Users can submit questions and provide answers in this space. Smash-Q is a space for free-flowing conversation, debate and knowledge sharing.


S-map will serve as a travel companion and mapping service for those looking for good feminist vibes wherever they go.


Users are able to keep their identities, conversations, and info-exchange safe. Smashboard uses the blockchain certification authority system (BCA) for user verifications.


Collection of material that can serve as time-stamped evidence in an encrypted personal space. Users can keep the material for personal references, and/or share it with others if the need arises.


A space to find lawyers.


Easy access to journalists.


Online psychological support for users without easy access to it in their neighbourhoods.


The risk of patriarchal violence is mutualised with the Smashboard community. Insurance would be provided to subscribers in times of crisis.

The Crew

Noopur is a journalist turned entrepreneur who passionately believes that the world of tech has much to give to feminism and vice versa. She has 20+ years of experience in journalism and news broadcast and is co-founder of the successful startup, Idea Chakki.

Noopur Tiwari

President & Founder

Nimisha has 15+years of experience in the media and entertainment industry. She is focused on driving enterprise-wide success through proactive content strategy, creative direction and audience engagement. She is working in the non-profit fund-raising space to empower those fighting for gender justice

Nimisha Tiwari

Director, Strategy

Monica worked with India's top broadcast networks for 20+ years and has transformed the TV food-scape of the country. She is now working to convert game changing technologies for social change. She is the co-founder of the successful startup, Idea Chakki and a multitasker like no other we know.

Monica Narula

Director, Operations

Lidia is a senior visual designer & art director, focused in branding, illustration, user interface and digital product projects.

Lidia Diaz

Director, Design & Tech Analyst

Gunjan has 20+ years of experience in broadcast news where he led groundbreaking political and lifestyle shows. He now navigates the tech-app landscape to solve problems faced by Indians via visual tech and feminists globally. He is co-founder of the successful startup, Idea Chakki.

Gunjan Mehrish

Director, Platform & Partners

Herve is a renowned whistleblower from the world of finance. He now works with blockchain technology with the aim to 'build a web of trust so that no one will be ever forced to trust hierarchical centralized political or financial institutions. He is CEO of the non-profit startup, Taboow'

Herve Falciani

Privacy Protection & Anti Fraud Analyst

Vicent is a tech industry entrepreneur with more than 10 years of experience. He is now focused on designing prototypes and special blockchain projects.

Vicent Nos


Sheila is Full stack developer and blockchain expert

Sheila Mundo

Full stack developer and blockchain expert

Manolo has more than 10 years of experience in the front-end space and is passionate about new technologies.

Manolo Cruzado

Front-end Developer

Urvashi is an author with over 35 years of experience in feminist and independent publishing. CEO of Zubaan Books, her long involvement with the women's movement in India makes Urvashi an important voice in global feminism.

Urvashi Butalia

Advisor, Author & CEO Zubaan Books

Scherezade is a psychologist, writer, community catalyst and Indo Rroma social scientist who uses semantics and somatics to explore the landscape of mental health, narrative memory, inter-generational trauma, gender & violence.

Scherezade Siobhan

Advisor, Psychologist & Social Scientist

Rokhaya Diallo is a journalist, author, filmmaker, and activist.

Rokhaya Diallo

Advisor, Writer & journalist

Carmela is a media strategist & tactician. She volunteered for AudioviSol and MultimediaSyntagma before becoming an editor of GlobalRevolutionTV. She's the founder of Nabermedya.

Ai Carmela Netirk

Advisor, Transintersectional Communicator

Christina is consultant for Dalit women and minority-led initiatives focusing on social justice, self-determination, and collaborative models of scholarship. She is the co-founder of #dalithistorymonth.

Christina Thomas Dhanaraj

Advisor, Co-Founder, Dalit History Month


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