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What Kind Of Power Do Feminists Want?

Feminists do not fight for patriarchal domination nor for the reversal of any kind of corrupt power. Feminist power is not authoritarian. It is regenerative.

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  1. Feminists do not fight for patriarchal domination nor for the reversal of any kind of corrupt power.
  2. What feminists do ask for is for power imbalances to be eradicated and for our own oppression to end.
  3. If we refuse to be oppressed ourselves, we have no right to perpetuate oppression in any form over others.
  4. Feminist power is not the pursuit of domination or the appropriation of corrupt privileges. It's about ending domination to create a fairer society.
  5. "Cede your power to us!", "It's our turn now!"- these slogans may sound empowering but they need to be re-examined as patriarchal power is not a resource we need to procure.
  6. Feminist power is not authoritarian. It is regenerative.
  7. The power that restores justice to historically marginalized communities, dismantles oppressive structures and transforms them- that is the kind of power feminists want.

Disclaimer: No single definition of feminist power is the right or fixed one, of course. There are differences in people's lived experiences and the way we want our liberation to take place belongs to each one of us.


Deepika Mahidhara @dmahidhara
"Feminist power lies in power of choice; live and let live. In accepting that we are biased, critical, judgemental, a product of the very conditioning we fight; challenging ourselves first. In inclusion; celebrating differences, not making them reason to bar, burden and discriminate. In believing in ourselves to create an equitable society."

Vaishnavi, @sambuism
"Fighting oppression for oppressed to oppress the oppressors is not liberation. But it's funny how oppressors suddenly start feeling oppressed when the marginalized get bare minimum human rights and dignity."

Karishma. Sexuality Advocate @talkyounevergot
"This is so important! Redefining what power and privilege can do/mean is essential to creating a fairer world."

Mithra.K. Visual artist from Kerala. Based in Baroda:
"Feminist power is not condescending or down talking but considerate and inclusive of marginalized communities from rural and remote places and the knowledge shared by them. It’s comprehensive, towards people having lesser access - to higher education, to social media and related platforms and having poor communication skills."

Oshin Khepar @oshinkhepar26
Feminist power lies in being able to make their own choices as equal individuals without being judged and beaten up for the choices they make irrespective of gender.

Taqdis Shaikh @taqdisshaikh
"Feminist power lies not in hunger for power as a source of domination but rather a source of empowerment. It lies in developing our collective consciousness that... our united resistance to inequality is the ultimate powerhouse for feminism."

Janvi @jan.v
"Feminism simply means equality. It does not mean to exercise domination over the other. Nor does it means to create a utopia. It just means to grow together in a fair manner without having prejudiced minds. It means not treating one as an object but a subject. It is meant to uplift the subaltern or the marginalized from the 'colonial' legacy."

Amrita Purkayastha @amrita_purkayastha
"Feminist power is in realizing that equality is not the same as sameness. We don't need to become like men (hierarchical/stoic/cut throat) to be treated equal to them. We can be our truest selves and yet deserve equality and respect in this world."

Bhoomika Uppal @bhoomuzi
"Feminist power lies in empowering and uplifting all sections of society and also all genders.... The notion of feminism shouldn't be misused and confused with misandry because the ultimate aim is to incorporate every individual in mainstream so that people believe that feminism is not a bad concept and join us in achieving an equitable more accepting and less judgemental environment."

Vidhi Gala @the_ambivert_gurl
"I totally agree that feminism is not about gaining domination but more avout equalizing both genders. Feminism lies in supporting and encouraging other women to pursue their dreams inspite of their religion, sexual orientation. It also means normalizing loving n appreciating all body types. Then again the above apply to all human beings. Feminism is not about authority, its about equality."