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Bhadralok Women and the Working Class: Mahanagar to Piku and Beyond
While championing the mental and "cultural" emancipation of bhadralok women, it does not even strike the upper-caste viewer that the marginalised women might deserve this emancipation too.
Reproductive justice is under direct threat in the US. Are things better in India?
Reproductive Rights
We must stand in rage against the terrible injustice of the events in the US and keep rallying for furthering the cause of reproductive justice in India.
Partner abuse takes place in a setting of continuous coercive control rather than in a series of violent events.
Work With Us
We are looking to hire a Programme Associate. This is a paid internship and the stipend will depend on your qualifications. You will be on probation for a month and the commitment required is a minimum of four months (including the probation period).
What to Say to People Who Say Teaching Children about Queerness Is Harmful?
To say that teaching about queerness is an aberration is to stigmatise queer identities. The belief that queerness is harmful is queerphobia. You may not be queer, but many of us are. Your children or those in your family can also be queer. It’s best to get used to it.
The Problem With Saying That the Depp-Heard Case is About “Mutual Abuse”
Domestic Abuse
Calling the Depp-Heard relationship one of “mutual abuse” fails to take into account the power imbalances that govern heterosexual relationships and the impunity with which cis het men behave.
Creative Writing Workshop for Dalit Women Writers
Feminist Workshop
Smashboard’s Creative Writing Workshop for Dalit women writers will be held on the 5th of June at 7pm IST. Last date for sending applications: 2nd June midnight IST. Workshop instructor Sindhu Rajasekaran is an author and a PhD researcher at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK.
Sibling Abuse Is a Widespread Form of Domestic Violence and We Need to Stop Ignoring It
Child Sexual Abuse
There has recently been increased awareness regarding intimate partner abuse and to some extent, parental abuse and ill-treatment of the elderly. Sadly, sibling abuse has drawn little attention and continues to be disregarded.
The Musk Problem: a Mega-Rich Troll Thinks He Knows What Free Speech is All About
Musk’s recent tweets, his mockery of “woke progressives” and his union busting activities make it amply clear that his moral compass swings to the right, and therefore, his understanding of “liberty” is warped.
What Does a Misogynist Sanghi Future Hold for Indian Women?
Muslim Women's Rights
Women backing communal violence who are not standing up for Muslim women today are wrong if they believe that their religious affiliation will grant them safety in the long run. In the misogynist hell created by this hatred, there will be no escape for any women.
Women Politicians in India are Promoting Rape Culture With Impunity.
Rape Culture
Banerjee dehumanised the victim, is treating the victim’s family with apathy, and shielding a rapist. Her behaviour must be condemned. Why should women politicians get any support from women voters if they are not only incapable of supporting women's rights but are actively harming their interests?
What is the Most Important Thing to Remember When Supporting Survivors in the Aftermath of a Sexual Assault?
Sexual Assault
People who face sexual assault will experience some degree of trauma which, in many cases, can be severe. Yet most personnel in law enforcement, medical institutions, legal practice, mental health services (if available at all) and even feminists are still not trauma informed.
Questions Bigots Ask You When You Oppose the Hijab Ban and Some Answers
Muslim Women's Rights
How to respond to people who try to derail you when you defend the right of Muslim girls to wear the hijab to school.
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