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Special: Messages for International Women's Day, 2021

This International Women’s Day, some feminists across the world shared with us what this day means to them and what their hopes are for a feminist future.

"Welcome to Equiterra, where gender equality is real" (Credit: UN Women/Ruby Taylor)

"Stand up for Victims of Abuse, Unflinchingly, Courageously" - Christina Dhanaraj
"Continue to Fight and Raise our Voices" - Anju Singh
"Amplify the Voices of People Who Lack Resources, Networks, and Spaces" - Jyotsna Siddharth
"Make Our Communities More Inclusive and Our Fight More Intersectional" - Ruchita Chandrashekar
"In Our Diversity Is Our Power and Transformative Energy"- Sara Cuentas Ramirez
"Leave No Dalit Woman Behind" - Manjula Pradeep
"Where Is The Respect Dalit Women Deserve?" - Manisha Mashaal
"Feminist Power Is Not Authoritarian, It Is Regenerative" - Noopur Tiwari



Why You Should Ditch Perfectionism in 2023

Why You Should Ditch Perfectionism in 2023

Perfectionism strips away the emotional resilience needed to adapt to the fluctuating demands of life. Eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and suicidal thoughts are some of the mental health illnesses associated with perfectionism.