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Domestic Abuse
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The Problem With Saying That the Depp-Heard Case is About “Mutual Abuse”
Domestic Abuse
Calling the Depp-Heard relationship one of “mutual abuse” fails to take into account the power imbalances that govern heterosexual relationships and the impunity with which cis het men behave.
Sibling Abuse Is a Widespread Form of Domestic Violence and We Need to Stop Ignoring It
Child Sexual Abuse
There has recently been increased awareness regarding intimate partner abuse and to some extent, parental abuse and ill-treatment of the elderly. Sadly, sibling abuse has drawn little attention and continues to be disregarded.
How India's Brutal Lockdown Was a Calamity for Trans-Communities
Trans Rights
Plunged into crisis during the lockdown, deprived of the basic needs for survival, many trans people battled with mental health issues and deepened dysphoria.
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